He never fails to make her smile. He was among those who noted her aloofness. Sometimes, she seems too distant from others but yes there were times she’s more than clingy. She wants to thank you for being her pillow buddy. For sleeping next to her. For reaching out.

She’s sorry that she had to go away sometimes. She just doesn’t want to get used to having him around because she knows that he will find someone someday. But she remembers all those times he was there to be a shoulder to lean on. She’ll always remember how heavy and warm he was.

She’ll remember how he dismisses her aches. Just like how she should do. But she’s very happy in those many times that he came around—wanting her company. She’s happy that he listens to her silly stories and that he did not mind being part of the plot.

She likes holding his hand too. Feeling his warmth, breathing unto his skin and not minding what was happening around them. His scent brings her back to those shared times that might be lost for good. She’s plain thankful and happy for all the things he did for her. He reminds her that there are two places she can’t live in.

He says “yesterday” is not something you would want to go back to and “tomorrow” is not here yet which is why you should enjoy your time in the “present.” Try to forget, try not to give meaning, try not to think of them who’s not worth a damn.

She buried herself in his arms. She was plain happy. Breathing deeply, she was content.

***for someone special to me right now.


4 thoughts on “Misnomer

    • capriceless says:

      I miss you too Aimae. Thanks for visiting my site. Please go back to blogging because I bet you have a lot to write about. I miss reading your posts!:)


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