I may have the most common name in the whole wide world but I surely felt happy having it after watching this movie. I won’t delve deep into the plot and twists though like how reviews are done. One thing I’m sure is that it was very literary something that us writers can relate to. I was pretty sure that Will and April would end up together after the engagement spiel on the rooftop. I was also too keen to notice that the child’s eyes resembled her mother, Sarah a.k.a. Emily. So I wasn’t really that surprised. What’s the counterpart of “chick flick” if in this case it was a guy’s flick? (Quite like being asked the male equivalent of the words b*tch or sl*t).

There are many other things I’d like to discuss lengthily but I’ll leave those stuff out because it’s almost time to sleep. One nice thing that this movie did save us was from all the drama if it were done in a woman’s shoe. It spared us from that and don’t get me wrong because all throughout the movie, feminism is a big deal. But here I am saying so recklessly because of my rights of being a woman myself. The movie did not leave me teary eyed because Ryan Reynolds is not such a pain in sight. I mean the description “boyishly handsome” fits him.

There were a number of serious challenges happening- things that would turn the tables in reality such as divorce, failures, infidelity, etc. Truly you’d have to be a fictional character to have surpassed that much heartache but I go by “sometimes it’s good to be lost” idea and you must forgive me for that. 😀

My name (as well as of many other “Aprils” before me) surfacing dates back epochs ago. I think that all of us “Aprils” will be remembered by people whose lives we’ve touched year after year (Not unless a they’ll give a different name to the 4th month). It’ll be good to leave good memories behind if your name is as recurring as mine. So let’s start making good memories or if not then let’s just go along being called by an alias.

Are you fine with April?

Definitely, maybe. 😀



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