Thoughts about the Boracay Island Trip




These are photographs from our adventures last June-July 2014. It was one of those rare times that I actually grabbed the opportunity to travel. We had so much fun!

Cecille, our friend, hails from Aklan. That is why we had no problems in what to do and what to say. She served as our tour guide during the travel. Another good thing was that our OIC-Regional Director herself is an Aklanon. She was formerly their Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) Director before she left for Davao Region. We were very lucky because we got to meet her sister and Nanay. Nanay even said that we we’re a good-looking (handsome & beautiful) bunch. That was very flattering. Ate Ramelyn even offered to tour us around Aklan. She called for a cab and off we went to the House of Dolls. It was very beautiful there. If I remembered correctly, Aklan is know to be the Land of the Beautiful.

I only hear about Boracay from other people. I only read about the place in magazines and tv was the closest I did get of the breathtakingly beautiful beaches. But when my co-workers decided to go for the piso fare a year ago. I was at first hesitant because we had to borrow money to pay via credit card. I did sign up anyway.

I’m a beach lover. When I was young, Papa took us to almost every strip in Mati’s coastlines. My love for the sea and oceans never faded as I grew up. I also love fish and any marine animal. So what awaited me in Aklan was uncalled for. Honestly, I did not fish, grass nor coral at the island. I guess I was too used to seeing them in our hometown’s waters. When Cecille’s family took us to Hurom-hurom Spring… whoa! There was a very big carp fish swimming around the pool of cold water. It was creepy at first that such fish would grow that big and I imagined being in one of River Monster’s segments. I wanted to see the fish for myself so I swam around it. I was afraid too because some fishes bite.  But as I swam, I whispered a prayer as if we were in conversation with each other I said, “Big fish, these are your waters, your territory. I wonder if we are bothering you. Please let us enjoy Hurom-hurom Spring. I love this place. Grow bigger okay?”

It was fun being with the group. Though, we were not able to do some water activities I still enjoyed salt, sand and water. I hope I can go back there someday. I hope Boracay Island remains healthy herself. I hope those creatures displaced by the tourists find a place somewhere.

Thanks Kalibo, Aklan. All I can say is “Kalibong beses tikang panggaon.”  🙂


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