The harder it becomes 3

This is the 3rd sequel to the other two (you bet!) I think I’m going to give up making money out of this TOO personal blog. This blog will be for my thoughts as a person–a publicized part of being me with the terrifying gravatar. I think I need these NOW: FOCUS, DETERMINATION and INSPIRATION. I’m very much troubled by the possibility of wasting money out of my parent’s pockets. I hope I can OVERCOME the challenges of feeling so LOW.

First step, FOCUS— with focus, I can create plans– through plans, I can pursue action– then fulfillment. I think I’m veering away from my goals as a person. I think I’m looking at other people’s lives– caught up with much awe– overlooking my OWN. That can’t be that bad, isn’t it? My conscience says, IT IS. Just a thought out of nowhere: I think if ever I get a puppy, I’m going to name it COURAGE. Guess where that name came from? From a Nowhere dog! funny—————going back—-(see how I veered)—-now, I’m going to focus on the realities in my LIFE. not their’s, anyone’s or other’s BUT mine.

Bring it on!

DETER— oops— DETERMINATION is such a long word to read so if you don’t have that kind of character to go on–you’ll stop at the 2nd syllable. I have tons of this but the problem is I don’t get things done especially if there are other things bothering me. I’m sure I have determination running in my veins, I’ll get along.

INSPIRATION-we’ll talk about it later.

Now, I do have loads of it too. I find it very interesting as a motivation. From my 2nd sequel, I was out of inspiration but the 3rd one attests to how I’m so filled with it. I’m even getting an unlimited serving! Don’t bother, I’m not sharing! Get loads of inspiration from your loved ones and you’ll never miss a thing.

Did that. Done that. Been there.  The journey never ends the harder it becomes 🙂 remember the plan. Do you have any? I have one: COURAGE-the cowardly dog once said “The things that you do for LOVE.”


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