The harder it becomes 2

I really don’t know what to do with @%^$U^( anymore. I don’t want anyone to wait for me or rather wait in vain for someone who’s not worth waiting for. I think I blame myself. I just don’t remember anymore the times when things were normal and there was nothing extraordinary about what were happening. all i can say is that things are not working according to my plans. I don’t want to hurt anyone, especially not this anyone. I treat her as any big sister would do., as any pal would do. But I guess something went wrong along the process. things got off track. Like how trains do when they’re derailed.

I just want that anyone to realize that I don’t want to be part of anyone else’s life. That I have no room for any other person in my heart and mind for I am one selfish @%%^&&*. i hate myself for doing things to people.

The harder it becomes 2

this is the 2nd time and by what is implied…it is but harder.

I’m no use for such situations. I am a useless piece of shit.

pardon the words.

Another thing though, stop hurting people whom you kinda, sort of $%^&^* coz u’ll end up dreaming and wishing that it didn’t happen and that it didn’t get harder.


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