A Purgatory


earlier we had a soccer practice at the admin field with Coach Erwin, janver,bilbz and me. We’ve done numerous (by this it would suggest it hurts kinda thing haha) headings/headers. It was really painful to the forehead and pimp sprouts…ewwwness.

anyway before that I woke up at 4 am and I sort of fell back to sleep. Then I had a dream

It was in the CSM like hallways. I was the first to take the test. Inside a room there was a counter where a lady stood, she gave me a piece of paper. Yup it was unreadable then all of a sudden images flashed before my very eyes. I was shrieking  to no end. just then it ended.

When it was my other batchmate’s turn, we were asked to go outside.

Three of the others went to explore the other rooms. They had the intention of qwatching what was happening inside the room we left. Just then, there inside the room they went to, there were three beds and also a tv. They were so curious that they turned the television on. and they were very happy to see that it was a video stream of what was happening inside the room we left. Then the videochanged: it was featuring the room itself but now witth three demons on the bed. It was horrifying


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