the harder it becomes 1

whew..looks like i’ve had tough months-no blogging and no social life-and what’s hurting is that my thesis sucks.i don’t like how things are going and i don’t mind changing direction now. i think i don’t have enough time to do the things i want to. i want to read books and digest the stories slowly but i don’t have leisure time to do so. there are a lot of upcoming exams and events and i don’t kn ow if i can still have a quiet time i so desire.

this is #1. i’m so overly stressed. hey my knee joints hurt. maybe i need to drink arthricin(–,)> it’s all because of soccer. it’s always on my mind especially now that i’m appointed captain. yeah, i love being captain and i love playing but what stops me are my knees. imagine me being old with my knees giving up on me. funny yeah. anyway, i can’t give up soccer now. i just need to push myself harder and harder until it becomes so hard my feet runs away from me.funny again yeah again.

this is #2. i am not taking things seriously. my face most of the time looks serious-whoa!no hitting below the belt man!-haha, but heed the fact that i’m not serious. i only appear serious yet i am blank, blank as the clear cloudless many skies there are?i don’t know except that when each looks up, one calls what is above sky, and so when we both look up, its skies.plural form yeah wrong!–no other form.

this is #3. hope this is the last one. no matter how negative or pessimist i sound, bear in mind that i’m never gonna give up. there ain’t no givin’ up on me honey, no matter what it takes or costs. haha..i’m as unstoppable as a beating heart or a rolling ball. i’m still playing and i’m gonna finish my thesis no matter what it takes and costs. a few pesosessss wont hurt.

good nyt april hope you don’t look too tired to make us think you’re NOT getting along..haha..


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