Superstition: Losing a tooth in one’s dream

This is one of the most feared superstitions I’ve ever encountered. What wrong would it do if we believe in it? I really don’t know except that it purges fear in me like the effect that tragic plays do. According to one classmate, she dreamt of her tooth loosen, and then eventually off her mouth. It’s morbid isn’t it, if not grotesque? Its symbolism and significance bound into one horrifying semi-surrealistic message that is conveyed by the subconscious (did I just said that, sorry for the exaggerated high styled tone of my expression) in other words, what a sleeping experience! Geez, I was bewildered by mole superstitions before but now I felt estranged from this kind of superstitious level. She recounted having been told of biting a pillow as a counter spell and having done so felt relieved. Unfortunately, a friend of hers died and related that to her dream. I also had a similar experience. I quite remember dreaming about playing volleyball. The ball smacked my face with such great force that took my teeth off my palate (eww gross, pardon). Five of them, and waking up I bit on the wooden panel of my bed (eww gross, again? Pardon). That was a solution to the prophesized death to occur. Indeed, I felt traumatized (seemingly too intense a word to use) when I got the news that my tita’s family had a minor accident. The motorcycle which five of them mounted, suddenly lost control (this isn’t a habal-habal case, it’s because a family with my three cute little cousins rode with their mother and father). I was very happy to learn afterwards that they were safe. Another dream more than anything else was something like an experience of catharsis,… I was deeply troubled by it that I did postpone a trip back home to let that happenstance pass me by. I dreamt that all my teeth went lose. Jinkies! Double Jinkies! It was so disturbing. I remember groping individually separated tooth in the palm of my hand, and what was clear was the blood, which wasn’t actually dripping but was moist. I almost cried when I awoke. I was afraid that it meant to tell me that such number of deaths would happen. I prayed hard as hard as asking God to return me my life. I bit again wood. It was believed that biting on wood would prevent the bad omen to reality more than what biting into much softer things would do. Especially since wood retains the life it was given by the tree it has come from. This melodrama caused me postponement of my plans of going home. And afraid as I was by the notion that such number of deaths would likely happen in a bus ride, of course one that I would’ve be in as I am going home. I felt vulnerable after learning this superstition. Why then would I care if I dreamt of teeth loosening? I could’ve just shrugged that dream off my shoulders when only I knew none about it. It would’ve saved me from biting on things. But then it didn’t seem to matter whether the possibility that my teeth would rather loosen as I bit on wood, for I only wanted to feel safe and secured that none would die of an unreliable premonition that the wondrous yet mystifying subconscious calls to mind. I don’t want any of you to believe, I just want you to know that such problem troubles a modern woman (am I?) in our modern times.


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