The Cello( Asian Horror Movie)

Lately I’ve been having fun watching Asian Horror Movies. These are just some of the sure hit movies made specially wonderful because of the whole new experience learned after watching each.

“The Cello”- This is a story about jealousy. Two best friends, I’m sorry I forgot their names because they were foreign names, one excelled over the other and the other one envied for being second best. I didn’t realize the twist at first, that made me so thrilled that I wanted to keep the film run faster. I almost cheated when I forwarded the scenes.Well, here goes, I thought that the one who lived was haunted by the envious friend turned ghost.. This ghost was after all the victim of her friend’s jealousy. I remembered feeling the emotion in this line: “I believe that friends are happy for what success the other gets.” In the accident that almost took their lives, she who was envy let go of her friend’s hand. Her friend fell into the rocks by the cliff. It’s such a sad friendship story and it all ended tragically for the one lived in guilt and was gotten killed also by vengeance. They were both good cello players but they did not blend in music and friendship. I hope that that never happens to anyone again.


I don’t have enough time, guess, I’d do another next time. Thanks.


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