Hancock: A Must-SEE movie!


I’m somewhat speechless from the movie I had seen last Tuesday. Whew. If you’ve never had a hung with Will Smith’s appeal. This movie will surely create a halo (uh-oh yup I think that’ll do) on your head… What that halo symbolically represents the lesson that the movie would induce (again pardon the word) morale from people. It isn’t about the terrific supernatural effects rather it’s about the love that stumbles over the characters as if there was no plot commanding the outcome.

Right now I’m starting to think about filing my other blog with movie reviews. You really can’t review movies you haven’t seen. so me I’ll do my best to watch good movies then appreciate them through blogs…

Hancock rocks!!!


2 thoughts on “Hancock: A Must-SEE movie!

  1. thats the way to go! I have a movie review blog and it is working out wodnerfully, I get a lot of fulfillment out of it! Let me know how yours goes. Swing by mine if you’re ever bored 🙂


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