World’s Realities

World’s realities…I’ve been thinking about what to put in my blog lately. I first thought of posting my research proposals and class submitted papers so that I won’t think much about these stuff.

Again we have our own realities. I mean, I’m the kind of person who had been told “Nothing poetic about it…”, “bad prose”, “Scrap the whole poem,retain the title”… It’s painful to get those remarks from our Poetry class but hey! My revising reality slaps me in the face. Honestly, I haven’t done any except for the principle of sticking with the requirement date. Friends, I tell you doing what I DO IS SUCH A MISERABLE THING. If you really want top impress your teacher, please do otherwise or suffer his/her/the professor’s slips of the tongue(lucky, if they’re just slips…ahahaha painful ones worst embarassing ones). Well, lucky me I don’t take them as destructive criticisms(I’m a hopeless roma…um optimist). If ever you get them.welcome them.they’re inspiration coming right out of the teacher’s blues. Anyway, if there’s a class I’d like to get them(criticisms), it’ll be poetry. I just love my classmates there(maybe except___) because in poetry each of us knows when to meditate or bluff(LOL) when we can’t find the right words. Actually I was suppossed to talk about the movie Slumdog Millionaire and now I end up sentimentalizing.

Let’s go to what sir Timothy told us about: that “The Philippines is actually the only country who/which/that has a literary man as a national hero” these aren’t actually the exact words.

I always think of it now, and I ask myself How?(uy, rhyming)/ Why? What if it was Andres Bonifacio who made it as a national hero? I don’t know really. But there was always something about a statue in most parks that made me ask who is he?” when I was young. Just this morning I reported about Amado V. Hernandes and his poem “Aklasan.” I was bothered byu what E. San Juan Jr quoted that the artist had said something about “Bakit sukdulang napababayaan ang mga manunulat sa wikang bernakular?”

Whew…my brain neurons popped(eww, what a morbid image so final-destination-thingy).It made me think about my being a BA English student(why not medicine?nursing?). I don’t know if I could even make something such as a real work of art or rather what they call “masterpiece.” (forgive my lapses, again this is an unrevised post).

Well, if ever your mind boggles over many things remember this: Chill. It’s worth wasting time when you’re about to have a nervous breakdown right?

I’m always the smiling type when I love what I’m up to… So hang on April. It’s a tough ride but I know you’ll get through(with so amny wonderful people surrounding you)

World’s realities….uhuh…tsk..tsk…slips of the tongue.


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