UPMindanao Football Festival

Yesterday the football festival of the varsity did go well, I think. It was such an honor to wear an armband as a sign of being the captain of the team. It was then that I’ve remembered the famous line in Spiderman “With great power comes great responsibility.”
But hey! I felt so burdened wearing that thing. I thought that I’ve been asked to wear a chain. I felt the need of proving myself. I needed to stand up high and mighty. These didn’t happen though.
Actually, I was the most unlikely captain that a team could have because I remained so silent that one couldn’t hear me squeak. I was saddened by the thought of our teams losing.

Thank God I have my team with me. There were those who helped me realize that I don’t have to pursue feigning courage, rather thye made me realize how I should play with fun.
I’m not a thinking player or maybe I’m just too slow to think while playing
I’m easily discouraged… well all of us are sometimes
I’m a very destructive person ( I always end up tearing all my shoes)
I easily bruise

once I get these things straight I’ll be indestructible!!! hehe

I have many wishes for the team that I dream of being its major sponsor someday…yehey!

Go UP Gooooo!!!!!


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