Dine in or out?

Food is nourishment for the soul. Even when each person has his/her own preferences, there exists a wide variety of food in the market. Now that I’m away from home, how I wish that I am eating in our very own house. I miss the kitchen where I used to help mother cook and bake. I see her beating eggs, and still doing fine even when the tough tasks come. I’ve seen many kitchen set-ups on television and in books. There are those inspired architecturally by different cultures. Each time I see those pictures or illustrations, how I wish I could have them to as my own.

There are many stuff to decorate one’s kitchen with, so that you’d get the mood for cooking. And if you’ve got a knack for nibbling delicious food, you’d surely seek out efficient kitchen tools and appliances that’ll make you create dishes that enchant noses and appetites. Every time I help my aunt bake brownies, I feel stressed over raking flour manually by a beater. I felt drained after. When I’ve been in appliance stores, I see that technology has been farther from the old practices. Life has been made easier for people by the invention of different tools and appliances.

Some people have skills in cooking and because of these they’ve made many people happy by partaking good food. We must always remember that the time we share with our loved ones is precious. I think we should keep this in mind as we answer food attendants: Dine in or out? Think about bringing food for your loved ones or think about bringing them with you to dine.

As was said we are the food we eat. Food is describes cultures,traditions and individuals. If you have concerns and desires to have good and quality time choose things that make our life more enjoyable and memorable. We can get kitchen help from everyone and it’s as easy as clinking wine glasses for a toast.


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