SooCCeer Kickin’ Good

I feel really bad because again we did not do our best (or maybe we just did but hadn’t). personally, I think it was one of the great fights I gave. I think I did my best but at the same time think that it wasn’t enough to make our team win. Teamwork nga sabi ni coach.

I’m really sorry I couldn’t be any better. I promise to do my best in the coming practices. I never want to disappoint anyone, especially not our coach. I don’t think I am worthy to speak for my team mates. I feel angry at the thought that I am not of any help to bring home the bacon.

{Here I am again… this is a hangover- not that which is due to drinking rather a product of frustrations: low esteem etc. I feel bad that we had to lose over the opponent…surely, UPMin gives a good fight, as always but the other teams in A—- underestimate us

Well…pasensya mo kay career na na ninyo and all we could do is makigdula ninyo


sorry dugay nato nako gusto iingon

after ani dili nako sad!!! promiz}

Yehey! finally mahuman na ang A—– Cup. Aninga sa “Cars’ sabi ni Hudson Hornett: “those are just empty cups.”

Xyempre lahat tayo gusto maging winners.

I want UPMin to win!!!

and I believe in MIRACLES…



God bless our team…


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