What’s with the smile?

“What’s with that smile?” I often ask people about this. I always smile when I’m happy and still I try to smile whenever I feel bad. I really don’t want to make people think that I’m sad because I want myself to appear happy even when things are actually going bad. The problem is….my eyes don’t lie.

Just like the old saying “the eyes are the windows of our souls.” I can’t keep looking stressed or worn-out because of my eyes.


What power do I have to turn away from other people’s scrutinizing gazes? I can’t. Instead I look back at them and wait til they themselves turn away from me. I can’t help but feel the difficulty in answering all those looks.

I am reminded of the same eyes that plunged into the depths of my being.

And I wanted to look into them again….

So that I may see my own self again.

The self who haven’t lost its sight in a world of happiness.


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