Of Brains and Neurons

Alzheimer and Auguste D are two people whose lives have been intertwined by fate. Alois Alzheimer was a psychiatrist in the Castle of the Insane. It was maybe in Germany. I’ve forgotten the details because it was so long ago that I had reported about them.

I felt very bad because it’s so sad that some people especially those old folks lose memories. How sad that is! I don’t want people losing their memory because some of them we vowed to remember for the whole of our lives. It is a slow death isn’t it? Because sooner one would forget everything even chewing food! Do you think life is so complex that we don’t know what answers our main questions? I think I can’t help but feel sorry when that time comes.

When Alois Alzheimer asked Auguste some questions, she gave inconsistent answers. It was only when she died that the doctor asked the hospital if he could ask for the brain of his patient. Then and there he examined the preserved brain and saw that there were neurobrifillary tangles. The nerves of the brain were entangled together that it was the cause why and how the function of the brain went haywire. The folder about the physician’s first patient diagnosed of Alzheimer’s disease was found years only in the dust laden archives of the hospital (now a museum).

I saw a picture of Auguste in the magazine where I learned about this. I saw that her frail body has stopped fighting against reason and life. Her life has ceased when she was diagnosed with what then seemed a queer ailment, and memory like fuel was spent in her remaining days.

If sentiment is bad for a person then I wouldn’t deny that I’m always inflicted of it. There are times when I always look around and press myself to remember this very same day so that I won’t forget a single detail.

So all you guys out there please TREASURE all the memories you have especially with your loved ones. It’ll be worth it. If the brain stops working then let the memories freeze for another Alois to discover.


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