BUSINESS as usual

I’ve been wandering inside malls and one thing that I like about window shopping is that I get to discover many events. At the atrium of the Gaisano Mall of Davao, I saw many booths offering their delicacies at very affordable prizes.

I don’t only see booths but also service tables where there one can inquire about service. These exhibit booths are found almost in any store for the convenience of the customers. It also a good way to sell products or services such as those in trade show displays. Nowadays, I think people are discovering more ways and means to cater each and everyone’s need-whatever they might be.

I bet each one of us wants to personalize our stuff, well here’s a nice discovery…

have you ever been in a shop where even the place mats not only contain “WELCOME”s?

well, I just knew that a shop can even own logo floor mats! whew. Imagine that kind of personalizing!

I just learned something: For you guys out there, if you want to invest in business, invest then to gain profit and make your business rock!

I have seen a performance then and I remembered well that the whole event was made extraordinary by the foundation-truss which molded the set into an enchantment- equipments.

Even business is a kind of performance!


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