from Coach:”Soccerly yours”


This picture was taken during the 11th UPMin Ladies Football Festival.

Soccer peeps…

In relation to the annual soccer celebration every February, the team organizes a football festival, wherein they themselves conceptualize the awards. This team effort has been handed down to succeeding generations by the UP Min Ladies Football Varsity. The first football festival was held at the CSM field in 1997 February 9th.

Up to this day, the UPMin Ladies Football Varsity Team continues to exist not only for themselves but also for a team and for the university. It is not a question of passion that remains but the love for it. It is not a question of who made it in history; rather it is about the value that one gives outliving many memories.

cI have been a member since March 15, 2006 and at present. You know there is always one thing about playing soccer that keeps me from quitting; it is because of the team and because of the people behind it.

Sometimes I feel sorry that others had to say na “UP lang man na” It is how they underestimate us. We are indeed bringing the name of the university. I don’t blame them anyway because their burdens don’t include coping up with difficult-to-manage academics. It’s all too normal lang naman talaga. It’s not because we value our academics more rather it is because of other considerations in our lives. I don’t really know each of our constraints but there is one thing that goes for each of us: the passion for soccer( if this is all too vague to understand, then let it be as inexplicable as it goes for me) Personally, I wanted to stop playing soccer a few years back. I just thought that I don’t have the skill for it, the time for it. I’d put it on the least of my priorities, but all the while it stayed there…the more it asked for attention.

Every time I pass by the soccer field(not just our school’s soccer field but even that in Agro), I always stop to look at it, just by glimpses. And I wonder, what would happen if I quit?would I be happier? Then the looming answer came “NO.”

Yeah, I miss people in soccer, my team mates and our coaches. Even when our coach reprimands us for not doing this or that, I still like the way she adds up to it all with a smile. And I even get to miss being scolded at by a team mate for being clumsy. haha, I got used to it so much that I get to miss them.

This is from a journal entry:

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Hello. I really feel sad because we disappointed Coach E. I mean he’s all effort and stuff, but still we didn’t make it. We lost again for the nth time and I was among the reasons why we had. I can’t guard my zone well enough that is why all the goals came from the right side…

I know his efforts but I just can’t get them right. I feel sad and at the same time ashamed of myself. I hope he doesn’t hate us that much.

But as is said, Life goes on and no matter what difficulties we face, we will always be there. I will always be here…hoping that someday, we’ll be able to prove ourselves,myself.



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