Price Tags for Education

Now my brother is about to finish High school and we were wondering where he’d study for college. My mother once wanted one of her three sons to enter priesthood. I don’t have any issues with that because we’ve grown as devout Christians.

I’ve had great teachers who had studied theology and I was amazed. I’ve joined many cell groups. It was there where I met many people who have had reverence for the bible. Now, I am looking forward to know more about it by going to fellowships and prayer meetings where we hear the Word. But nowadays, one need not to go anywhere else just to study religion. There are bible degrees online with Online Christian Degrees and also Online Christian Counselor Degree. Wow! broadband is everywhere since there are many opportunities on the Internet for our ease.

I was hoping much that Christians will continue to pray for the salvation of their souls because I believe that everything remains a mystery to explore.


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