Music Man


Since then, music listening has evolved from huge discs to mini ones. I’ve always wanted to buy an MP3. Because, I admit I am always bored when travelling. I’d be lucky if I get to ride a jeepney with a built-in stereo. I am melancholic whenever I hear sad songs, I prefer them though than other noisy songs nowadays. But no matter what genre your in to, music will always be a step closer to one’s heart.

Listening to music is like giving gifts to the ears, soothing and pleasant songs.

But now just look at the market, its flooding with new devices and gadgets. There’s even the latest iPod nano on sale. And even as revolutionary is the iPod Touch. Whew…these are great stuff with latest up beat features. And I know that all I have to do is earn for these things are really up for grabs. But, I must put in mind that piracy not only victimizes the music industry but also brings forth fake products. One must be guided both in quality and price. There’s no harm in checking-out price comparison sites. One won’t regret if the products are worth paying for.

Now, I just wish Santa also reads posts for these are among my Christmas wish list.

There are many gifts to give and also more people to love! Merry Christmas everyone.


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