I have the knack for things that smell good. I like how a baby smells, because it sort of sweet to the nose. I like the scent of flowers and even the smell of some old books. I like smelling things because it is part of knowing more about them. I always hate getting to sit beside people who smell, I dislike stinky places especially in markets where there are fleas hovering above you and worse landing in your face. I don’t like bad smells because this means that such things are dirty. I’d stay away from those.

Yeah, to smell good, in a hurly burly day, I pour on colognes. I admit that there really are scents that sort of hurts noses, in a way that such perfumes smell very strong that it almost makes one dizzy. Indeed, I can admit that being human, means getting to sweat or smell in some time one way or another, but one can always feel fresh by buying colognes or perfumes.

There was once when I had to ride with my crush and Gee, he sat beside me. It was just mere paranoia that I imagined him frowning. What if I smell bad? The thought was excruciating, just then he said, “You know we had just passed on garbage stacks from that bend. It wasn’t just a horrible sight it also smelled foul.” He then smiled. Of course, you can’t imagine the relief I felt! I learned now the importance of bringing handy cologne bottles, in case of such encounters. It’s not only to impress people, its also goes for personality. It’s almost a hygiene that all people must learn. In fact, there are a lots of scents to choose from, there are different varieties. It’s as soothing a seeing flowers!


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