Three 8th grade girls are summoned from Tokyo Towers into a magical new land called Cephiro. Upon arriving they meet Master Mage Clef, who explains to Hikaru, Umi and Foo that they are to become the legendary Magic Knights who will save Cephiro from Lord Zagato and his Minions. Lord Zagato has imprisoned Princess Emeraude, who is the rightful ruler of the once beautiful Cephiro, and is trying to destroy the Kingdom. Master Mage Clef informs the girls what they need to do in order to become the Magic Knights, so that can save Cephiro and return home to Tokyo. He gives them evolving armor and magic, just as one of Zagato’s Minions interrupts them. He directs them to see a blacksmith named Presea to acquire weapons that evolve.

Their armor and weapons evolve as they grow in strength, emotionally. After receiving their weapons they are given Makona, an adorable creature who guides them through their journey. Literally supplying them with anything they need.

Their next step is to revive the Rune God, fighting monsters and Zagato’s Minions along the way. After reviving the Rune God they will become Magic Knights and then be ready to fulfill their mission to save princess Emeraude.

by Jaime

This was my favorite anime when I was young and until now…



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