Against Worlds of Worlds

I think many people are troubled by the rampant so-called “Addiction” of the youth nowadays with computers. I think otherwise, why because I’d rather let my brothers crave in online games than drugs. These are just among the outcome of the onslaught of the technology things such as chatting, net surfing etc. I would love to play online games if only given the opportunity to do so but restraints such as time availability is present. I think self-discipline is a matter that the youth should know of.


If we truly value people, we must also value their new learning like fondness in games online. Like us, they are free. we must let them soar into worlds where they are quite faced with challenges wherein they learn to be independent.But, we must always be there to guide them. There are even a lot of things for us to do one just needs to discover what the world has to offer.


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