Mat Mania

In our CL 150 class we have discussed the story entitled “The Mats” by Francisco Arcellana. It is indeed a very moving piece. It revealed how a family is tied through relations and how each is affected by the deaths of loved ones. The significance of mats is shown in such that these things have been part of life.There I’ve read that mats were significant to the Garcia family. The father took home gift for each member a mat which was embroidered with their names and icons which represent their dream careers. But at the later part, I realized the feeling of the father for having lost his own children.The story was heart wrenching yet it was very expressive of the happiness that was once there evident in the family’s completeness. Then, I appreciated mats as they are.

Nowadays,mats are used for decorative purposes and also for any other uses for mats have been revolutionized to fit needs. Along time ago, mats were only made of Abaca or plant fibers but now through modern technology they are made more pleasing because of their various colors and textures. Anyhow I also love watching mat weavers because each intricate design is painstakingly done.

I’ve seen mats everywhere whether be it on beaches and picnics. This is because mats are convenient to carry in any type of excursions. When my friends and I went to have a picnic, I brought along with me a checkered cloth but it was not good enough to sit on because the grass was still moist and wet from last night’s rain, the picnic was almost ruined if not for the mat that another friend brought. We had a fun time watching the clouds and birds that early morning. I did feel how comforting it was to spend a morning together with one’s friends be it on the beaches or picnics when everyone huddles on a cozy mat.


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