Nowadays, its really everything about getting hot. The weather seem too hot that one could think that were really on the verge of facing Global Warming.This is really a threat. After all the CFC issues I realized that maybe we could prevent ozone depletion by using ceiling fans instead of air conditioning that costs much. I’ve seen many documentations especially the one which Al Gore presented and it was quite alarming how the Earth is really heating-up literally. But this is such a grave issue to discuss so why not consider using ceiling fans instead. Yup! I’ve seen them in most homes already. And there are things such as craftmade ceiling fans, ellington fans, and fanimation I’ve seen on the net. These fans work as decorations that can even be disguised through a chandelier!

It works like magic! In our house, we’ve had almost three ceiling fans and two stand-up fans. Without any prejudice, I really prefer ceiling fans that the latter because the air is well ventilated inside the house. The warm air is cooled down. And so are the homes where there are fans around. This makes the head of our irritated mom cool! You see you can always beat the heat whenever you decide from being creative and reasonable in home considerations. You can always be a fan-antic anytime when there’s heat to beat. (- o -)


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