the mole superstitions

Love life….


I’m so messed up when I come to this topic it’s b’coz I don’t look forward to this side of life. I don’ know why I am currently blocked from love’s path. When will my knight come? I think I will never meet him anymore…

Yesterday, I sat with Itak, my aunt’s kasambahay, when our subject came to moles. I have a teeny weeny mole on my neck, then she said

“kabalo ka pasabot ana kay maghinakug ka sa tawo nga imong higugmaon…Hala ka do.”(Don’t you know that-that means you’ll be possessive of the person you will love…)

She also told me that having a mole on the shoulder part means that that person will carry burdens and problems “Ang sa abaga dapit nagapasabot nga maglukdo ka og kalisud sa kinabuhi…”

Wow I’ve already undergone Lit Trans in CL 185 but I think the vernacular tongue gave me the most terrifying impression coz: I have one in the left shoulder part!

I do know that these superstitions aren’t really factual, but I have doubts…


So what awaits me… is yet to unfold in the years that will come eventually


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