this term entered my mind when i had done some self-evaluation during the sembreak. I felt lonely that I had thought of the things that are really missing in my life. My ife isn\t miserable, it just so happens that I am not contented with the life I have. According to one quote “Uncontentment gives birth to Ambitions” I am ambitious. I want my family to experience what others sometimes take for granted. This won’t take long for soon I am oing to graduate and I’m going to work hard so that I can helpmy family.Last October marked a new beginning to our lives- we now have the land for ourselves. Father has land somewhere in Binagyuhan(i’m not quite sure of this,i mean the place’s name) and the first tenant doesn’t give us back the profit from the land. I thought that when father brought it, there was the promise thta we would heve better income fo the land is abundant with mango trees. Father and the tenant had a fight(verbal) and he was asked to attend the trial(purok hearing) there{looks like father and I have a lot in common heehee}. I was afraid for him knowing that the place is inhabited by NPAs.

I think i’m gonna make a story about this when inspiration comes.

Yep, we were terrified when father wasn’t home yet. But he sure did make it and I am grateful for it. So the next problem comes what will happen to that land without someone tilling its soil? ummm…Papa will take care of it.

I have many dreams and everytime I pray that God will take care of me because I promise Him that I am going to help a lot of people someday…

Sometimes I feel sad when I see a lot of people suffering. I know I have my own sufferings too but I just can’t help sympathizing them. I feel sorry for them and for myself. I like too share their burden but I now that I am easily weakened by my own troubles.

I promise myself that I’ll make it no matter how hard things seem.


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