The HAPPYnings

i just happen to get excited with the EMA MTV awards. Ever since I was young I’ve loved music. I don’t have much time though in watching tv because I have studying to attend to but I always have my roommates to tell me about it. Khareen and Aimae know a lot of stuff in music. They even know songs that I am not familiar with. I like them because they are quite unique. Khareen is very proficient in old songs and she likes to listen to those mellow ones which reminds me  of those very long begotten past(‘o’) Aimae on the other hand is updated that she knows all the songs that aren’t even aired yet on the radio,i mean. She does a lot of  singing too. Sometimes I  think she doesn’t have the right tone but she gets away with all the dancing. I love them both for they are my friends.


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