Stopped Delight

It was Sunday not a day but rather a gap between two other days. The traffic was light, only a few cars were out on the streets. Trickles of sweat rolled down his cheeks and his hands were tense on the stirring wheel. A blue car manuevered past him.

Yesterday he and his wife had a fight. Bank notices and unpaid bills draw more attention than anything else in their house. In his fury, he left behind an angry wife and a daughter in tears. He never imagined to become addicted to his vice-drugs. His family got through the hard times, it was only now that he couldn’t keep himself from the ecstasy of dazing carefree. He needed to forget a miserable existence. Late at night he decided to drop by his neighbor’s house.

He was caught by the owner. There was a fierce fight. He stabbed the man to death and with his bloodstained hands he took the jewelry from the drawers.

He sped up in that four lane highway. Near the intersection, he halted when the streetlight signaled stop.

It shone red as that which flowed from his neighbor’s chest.

He stared at it once more.

It was bright red as red as his eyes.

Yesterday wasn’t a good day and he had a feeling that tommorow wouldn’t be any better either.


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