Gauzed Wounds

The second brother came home,

as the other siblings did,

without a wife

rather with a beloved


in his mind-

her sweet smile

and the gentleness of her gestures

incomparable from the other women he met.

This affection

if only he was warned

to put love aside

from brotherly care

would’ve saved them

from such a predictable strife.

For in the guise of foreseen obligation

when he knew of her intention

of not wanting to marry

sprung the idea

to be the one to love her instead.

With utter disappointment

both parents, confused and angered

of such a grave violation

put things on an end.

He leaned upon a huge rock

an felt the earth beneath him

the same acres of land

which thwarted them from th neighboorhood

thus, nurtured the fondness for the only sister.

His father’s dagger dug onto his flesh

emptying him of the same blood which flowed from himself.

On each of he graves were found

clam shells at the eldest,

betel nut tree on the second,

a buyo leaf on the hird sibling

and at the sister’s was a tabacco plant.

Enraged both parentspounded them together

without themselves knowing that:

They have fulfilled what their children wished

to be together once more.

And they were spat back to the ground

the same acres of land

where they grew and fell in love.


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