missing the others

can’t just help feeling that I am lost in this world. I mean it. I just want to know that I could still count on those people I’ve failed.

I’ve missed a lot of things lately and among them are those I treasure most. Why am I feeling this way?

I miss people who doesn’t miss me.

He’s somewhere out there.

There he is the one I am not to love.

It would cost much when one keeps oneself fro denying what is intensely felt.

Yet I shudder in fear of the impossibility…

of reaching him,

of touching him,


of seeing him.

There are others but there’s a ‘him’ that nobody else could fill in.

These are the troubles of a young heart that crept as she succumbs into deeper devastation for keeping a lot of things to herself. The light shines into a path where she stops to rest but she never made it through that darkness. That light eventually died out from her eyes.


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