Madame Bovary

ii happen to have read Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert. The novel is considered to be among the classic books. It was so controversial at that time for people were having speculations to whom Madame Bovary was associated. The book is said to be a product of writers writing only what they know. This book was so controversial for the author,editor and publisher were all sued.

Anyhow, I really liked the novel because it tells us the story of a woman who fell in love with men. Men with many aspirations. I do not mean offense to Charles Bovary’s character because honestly, I somehow had a liking for him. There is a tinge of sympathy to him that even I cannot truly explain. I feel sorry for him thta he had to marry a woman he doesn’t even love. I like his tolerance and his being foiled in very crucial moments that in the book, I sometimes think that he’s such an impossible man because of his attitude. Anyway, maybe that’s because I’ve never met men like him before. In the end, I truly sympathized Charles’s fate. I like thinking that he had the same love for Emma until the end.

So what makes “Madame Bovary” notable? It is because the character being a woman has explored worlds that she realized to have been new for her.

Maybe it’s among the books that leave me expressionless for a while…making me wonder, what I had to feel for it. Even until now, I remember Emma and Charles and their deaths and I would like to tell Gustave Flaubert if he had truly met a couple whose tragic fate led them to both to end.


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