in a dream

i’ve just had the most remarkable dream ever to haunt my usual nights…

there were many people around me and in our hands was a sword.

a messenger announced:

“there is only one among all of you that could unleash the power of the real are indeed the chosen ONE to defeat the evil beast.”

i was so afraid when everyone else went off for battle. i felt weak.

then i saw blood everywhere and the others were dead. i was ashamed of myself.

with all the courage, i fought the monster.

i shouted as i lifted the sword in my hand, “TESAIGA”

then i felt an immense strength that took hold of my being as if i were possessed. i fought with the beast bearing all that i could. alas, i couldn’t fight anymore. then as the beast was about to attack, i held the sword towards the heavens and i awoke to see Inuyasha.

he planted a light kiss on my forehead and lifted me. he set me under the shade of the tree, where Kagome found him. and said, “i’ll take it from here.” he smiled.

he disappeared.

and i awoke in my bed.

I was so happy because since elementary Inuyasha has been my favorite. i used to hurry home so that i wouldn’t miss the time slot. How I wish i’d finished that episode.hehe


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