The Statue

The Statue
There was a statue of a child in front of him. He had a globe on his hand and a scepter on the other. He wore a glamorous red vest with sequins on its neckline. His hair was rather curly.

“There it suits you right. The little Sto. Niño wasn’t naughty when he was young. You be real good now and pray for the forgiveness of your sins.”

It was his mother scolding him for he had broken her glasses. He didn’t notice it on the sofa and it was crushed for he sat on it.

He thought of why he needed to ask forgiveness to a statue of a child. He remembered the story of the Sto. Niño from their lesson in school. Instead of praying, he thought of how it would’ve been if there were no statues to kneel at when he gets scolded at home.

Then he felt insulted when he saw its smile.

“The Statue” entails a possible indifference that the early receivers of it were likely to have had felt.


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