I have died everyday waiting for you…” – A Thousand Years, Christina Perri

She doesn’t know much about airplanes. All she knows is that it carried you off to where your dreams were. Somewhere far from her. Somewhere she’d need to reach out to you even when she doesn’t want to.She had to keep up even if life drags her down.

And there were times the gifts come in and how rude would it be not to accept them? It could make up for the crying, staying up late and all the serious waiting. Then her thoughts screwed her up. And she doesn’t want to hear from you how difficult life has been for you there on that foreign land– because that will only hurt her more than it would hurt you.

Four forces act on a plane in flight. When the plane flies horizontally at a steady speed, lift from the wings exactly balances the plane’s weight and the thrust exactly balances the drag. However, during takeoff, or when the plane is attempting to climb in the sky, the thrust from the engines pushing the plane forward exceeds the drag (air resistance) pulling it back. This creates a lift force, greater than the plane’s weight, which powers the plane higher into the sky.

She hears the planes takeoff. Higher and soon the noise fades altogether. One after the other on different flight schedules.

You are a step closer to your dreams and farther from where she stood still– waiting. But she understands why you had to do what you just did. Her dreams comes slow and yours go too fast. So for you to get closer to your dreams, it’s her dreams you take.

Note: This is some old note in my drafts file dated 2/7/11.


Fall Apart

“The best feeling in the whole world is watching things fall into place after watching them fall apart for so long.” 

I’ve recently watched a 2015 film entitled “Sleeping With Other People.” It was a good movie. I think I might need to park this review for sometime because I need to re-watch it to capture some significant lines.

Here are my thoughts anyway…

Nope Point Blank.


Yes, later alligator 🙂

“Mou Sukoshi, mou sukoshi” by Saori Atsumi

Mou Sukoshi, Mou Sukoshi
Saori Atsumi
 soshite kizuita toki ni kangaeteru no wa kimi no koto de
sore ga sugoku hazukashikattari sugoku iyadattari omoete
sore wa boku ga kimochi o tsutaeru koto ga kowai kara de
atama de osae tsukete mo kokoro wa dousuru koto mo dekinakute
autabi ni kimi ni satorarenai youni
itsumo to kawarinai youni hanashiteru tsumori de
yoyuu mo nakute kurushikunatta boku wa kimi ni uso o tsuiteshimau dakedo

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Have you ever heard the saying that “Home is where your heart is.”? I’ve heard that ever since I was young but I never really took the “heart-thing” seriously. It was only when I worked far from home that I truly understood what the word meant.

It’s funny though that I became so engrossed with the idea of circles, families and homes while writing my thesis for my undergraduate degree. I even entitled my piece “Who My People Are”. As how titles should be without punctuation, it was a conscious effort not to place one. It would’ve been creative if I insisted on placing one but I did not. I wanted to leave it to my readers which mark should be there.

I wanted to depict people and their stories through the many literary forms.

Right where I am now, I feel sad sometimes because I see people who try so hard to drift away from their homes. I can’t judge them though because some have been unfortunate with theirs. As for me I was raised in a loving family. I have my parents, siblings and relatives all closely knitted together. We might not be the expressive type but we know for sure that we love each other. Then again, whatever home means to you —- you’ll levitate back to it if you really want to and no one will stop you from doing so.

I’ve lived with different families, too. I’ve seen people struggle and how they rejoice. But one thing I’m thankful of is how they earnestly take care of each other. I admire families who stay strong despite how difficult life is.

I want to see my family grow someday. I want to be where my heart truly is. If you think it’s a burden to kiss and say “I love you” everytime you leave home, then you must think again. It’s but a small thing that could go a long way that could brighten someone’s sad disposition.

It might just be an address or a temporary shelter for some but it’s a different story when you look forward to getting home because you value people in your life so much.

It’s just a bus ride off to familiar roads you’ve been estranged to–but surely the trip home can make you see not just who those people are in your life but most importantly, who you were and who you’ve become.